Yes. Although you may be under the care of your primary physician or specialist (or other allied health practitioners) I will work alongside your health team (considering any treatments or current medications you are on) ensuring that you achieve your health goals with dietary or herbal prescriptions that won’t interact with your current medications.

Yes, naturopathy can be helpful for children especially recurrent infections, eczema, allergies, behavioural issues and digestive complaints. I’ve supported babies with colic, and children with different complaints over the 10+ years I’ve been in clinical practice.

Natural medicine doesn’t work like pharmaceutical medicine, it is slower to work however it often treats an underlying deficiency or dysfunction and this take time.

Melisa will tell you in your first consultation how long it will take for you to see improvements with naturopathy.  This will depend on how long you have experienced symptoms (or had your condition), how willing you are to make some changes to your diet and or lifestyle and how consistent you are with taking what has been prescribed for you.

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